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Please Note: The items listed below are unused. They are overstocked and/or older models that are of limited numbers. Some items listed have newer models available in our current catalog at higher quantities and regular pricing.*

*Current items in catalog are not sold at clearance prices. Only clearance items are subject to clearance pricing.

Available quantities will change without notice based on purchasing habits and product availability. Aydin Displays does not guarantee the quantity listed here as accurate – unless noted otherwise. Clearance products are sold As-Is, No Warranty. Datasheet specs for reference only, please verify with Aydin if you have any specific questions on a model’s technical specification.

  • LCDs
    • KEPL-15T: $4,100.00$1,419.92
      • 15″ Sunlight Readable Marine Display – Touchscreen, 1000nits BONDED, Part#: KEPL-15T, Quantity: 3
        Datasheet Specs
    • KMGBL-17T: $4,800.00$1,852.80
      • 17″ Glass Bridge Sunlight Readable Marine Display – Touchscreen, 1000nit, Part#: 379-KMGBL-17T, Quantity: 3
        Datasheet Specs
    • KMGBL-19T: $5,858.00$2,054.44
      • 19″ Glass Bridge Sunlight Readable Marine Display – Touchscreen, 1000nit, Part#: KMGBL-19T, Quantity: 1
        Datasheet Specs
  • PCs

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  • Keyboards/Pointing Devices

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  • Extras

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