Dry BondingSparton Rugged Electronics under the Aydin Displays brand specializes in lamination enhancements also known as Dry Bonding for industrial, military/defense, and marine LCD displays.

What is the Dry Bonding Process?

We create a bond between the cover glass and a screen (LCD or non-digital) using an optically clear polymer sheet. This process is performed in a vacuum chamber and yields void free lamination results. In simple terms, we dry bond layers to eliminate the air gap between a cover glass and the LCD screen.

The Benefits of Dry Bonded Displays:

  • Once the dry bond is applied, the final product is less likely to get foggy, and the bond is stable up to an altitude of 55,000 feet (tested).
  • Dry bonding is a more cost effective system to implement than wet-bonding, and yields faster turnaround time.
  • It is possible to add additional layers of optical substrates to improve resistance to boot-kick or ballistic applications.
  • The finished product exhibits excellent resistance to vibration/shock.
  • We offer multiple dry bond materials, with different amplitudes, that fit your frequency range needs.

Learn More about our Dry Bonding Services:

If you are interested in our Dry Bonding services please view our Services page for more detailed information and illustrations or contact us to speak to an application specialist.