Aydin Displays, the leader in Bridge Displays for the US Navy, announces the availability of the Omega Series Type Approved LCD Displays for use in all Commercial Marine applications. Samples of these products will be on display at the International Workboat Show October 3-5, 2014, in Booth #2852.

The Omega Series is available in 15″, 19″ and 24” screen sizes, and designed for use in harsh marine environments, including salt air, vibration, shock, thermal variations and varying light levels. The products are designed to meet all applicable international standards including IEC60945, IACS-UR-E10, with ABS type approval. The products include automatic switching between AC and DC versions, with or without touch screens, and support multiple inputs. The products are proudly made in the USA.

“The application of these products is something we have been doing successfully for many years with the US Navy and other government maritime agencies,” says Craig Armstrong, VP of Business Development for Aydin. “We make ECDIS-N certified products for the Navy, so we have the internal expertise to do the same for commercial products on a global basis. At Aydin, we have a culture of high quality, reliability and long term value that is as important to a commercial operator as it is to the Navy. In addition, we are a US-based company and are ideally positioned to support the unique and changing needs of Jones Act vessels now and into the future. We feel it is necessary to support our US maritime industry locally and globally with a US manufactured and supported product line.”

The maritime industry is in the process of a global shift to incorporate Electronic Chart Display and Information System hardware and software as the primary navigation systems on board most commercial vessels, in lieu of paper charts. In the US, regulations and subsequent mandated compliance procedures are in the formative stages. The vast majority of existing display systems onboard ships will need to be replaced or upgraded over the next few years. Due to the fact that most international ocean-going vessels are constructed in foreign yards, and the compliance regulations have already been adopted and mandated by most foreign nations, the availability of compliant electronic hardware and software is also from non-US sources. Aydin is uniquely positioned to become the leading supplier of these types of products designed, built, supported and serviced in the USA.

Aydin Displays has been manufacturing LCD Displays, integrated LCD/Computer Panel PC’s and standalone computer systems for government and industry for over 47 years. Today, Aydin is the recognized leader in both shipboard and aviation LCD displays for the US Navy, tower displays for the FAA, and supplier to many other government agencies and industrial users both here and abroad. Aydin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sparton Corporation, listed on the NYSE (symbol SPA).

For more information, contact Aydin Displays at 1-866-367-2934 or E-mail at [email protected], or visit our website at www.aydindisplays.com.