Key Features:

  • IP65 Environmentally Sealed
  • Smooth operation in rugged environments
  • High level of corrosion resistance
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent environmental capabilities
  • 3 integrated switches providing left, middle and right functionality
  • Fully locking removable ball option
  • Various ball colours are available to complement customer colour schemes
  • Quadrature PS/2, USB and SUN outputs
  • DO 160 (Sections 4 and 8), BS  EN60068-2-1(Test Aa), BS EN60068-2-2(Test Bb),  BS EN60068-2-27(Test Ea)

NSI presents the 60mm Military Trackball Unit. The trackball unit is environmentally sealed to IP65 specifications.

The 60mm Military Trackball Unit can be used in a variety of rugged military applications such as, shipboard/naval, military vehicles and radar tracking systems.

In addition to Military keyboards & trackballs Sparton Rugged Electronics under the Aydin brand is also a leading provider of Defense & Military LCD Displays that are designed for some of the harshest conditions in military scenarios- land, air and on water. These Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) displays are lightweight, power efficient and MIL-spec durable displays range from 10” to 65”.