Hardware Customization

One of the keys to our success is having the flexibility to meet the exact needs of our customers, from one-off configurations to large production rollouts. Aydin Displays makes customization the central tenet of our product research and development lifecycle.

Our customization allows not only hardware but branding add-ons. We are equipped to add custom colors, model and serial numbers – for your own asset tracking and control.


All of our computer products are designed to be customizable and have options such as: multiple drives, RAID, DC and special power inputs, PCIe & PCI expansion slots, custom chassis designs, redundancy, NEMA/IP rated, high shock / vibration / temperature to name a few.


Many of our systems can be pre-loaded with standard operating systems, or we can install and manage your proprietary software. We specialize in end-to-end production, so that your new products arrive ready to operate – right out of the box.


We love a challenge, and have made a name for ourselves as the go-to team to build what others can’t or won’t. When standard rugged motherboards are not enough, we are happy to integrate special boards and hardware into a system for a completely custom solution that is unique to you. We will build the customization in, ship the systems fully tested – and save you time and a headache.

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