Aydin Displays is a leading provider in display manufacturing technology, servicing the industrial, military and air traffic control industries. Aydin offers a variety of industrial displays, rugged military/COTS flat panel displays, military and industrial panel PC workstations, and air traffic control displays, ranging in size from 8.4” to 65” and available in numerous mounting options. Many of our products comply with shock, vibration and EMI Military standards and can be customized to include options such as integrated touchscreens.
Aydin Displays has over 45 years experience manufacturing high quality, high reliability displays, meeting the specific requirements of long life cycle, customer support, and demanding image fidelity unique to rugged environments. Aydin displays are built and serviced to last, and relied on in many important arenas, including Aerospace, Chemical Plants, Homeland Security, Flight Simulation, Food & Beverage Processing, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp and Paper, and Transportation.
Aydin is certified AS9100C for its Quality Management System (QMS). This certification verifies that the company’s processes related to design and manufacture have met or exceeded the required standard, that all products will have both quality and traceability, and that all processes and procedures used are documented – which results in consistency and value. Aydin Displays conducts extensive self-test and standard SNMP reporting for early fault detection and maximized uptime of the most mission-critical components of radar consoles. Additionally, Aydin incorporates unique features to specifically address the demanding needs of rugged environments, with an emphasis on overall adherence of safety and reliability.
Our unsurpassed commitment to quality allows us to provide unique solutions for our customers. Make Aydin your display technology partner.