EOL - End Of Life

End-of-life” (EOL) is a term indicating a product or component part is in the end of its useful life and can no longer be supported. End of Life is a continual problem because of rapid changes in technology and the availability of materials.

At Aydin Displays, we have a quality policy that kicks into gear when a product or component part goes EOL.

Supply chain managers are notified about end of life components in order to minimize the impact on our products and service. They continuously monitor availability of all components and will alert engineering, product, and program management if a component part is approaching EOL.

The next step is identifying where the component is used and deciding where the affected product falls on the spectrum of priority: Products on forecast, products not sold in 5 years, and Product PO’s.

At a recurring meeting, priority of the affected products are determined and the plan of action is created.

This leads to either a “last time buy” situation where customers can do a final order of the product and/or kicks off development of a “new solution” to update the model.

The question when it comes to development is always “Is it worth an investment of time and money on a forecasted product?”

Contact our support team for more information on our EOL Policy.